Welcome to McGreevy NeuroHealth

Founded in 2015, our mission is to provide the most comprehensive patient care in the fields of Neurology and Pain Medicine. Both specialties require a broad knowledge base and the ability to combine the science and art of medicine for the benefit of the patient.

While many Neurology and Pain Practices are independent of one another, McGreevy NeuroHealth truly integrates the best of each specialty and creates a larger concept known as NeuroHealth. NeuroHealth expands all that modern-day Neurology has to offer to involve neighboring fields of vascular medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, psychological medicine, mental health, physical medicine, immunology, and general preventive health.

We firmly believe that treating the whole patient leads to better outcomes, better functioning, and better quality of life.

Neurologist in St. Augustine FL

Manage your pain and avoid invasive surgeries and powerful medications when you choose our neurologist in St. Augustine, FL. Your neurological health is nothing to worry about when you visit McGreevy NeuroHealth, conveniently located between the nation’s oldest city and Jacksonville.

A Modern Outpatient Setting

Our facility hosts a qualified interventional pain physician who is also a board-certified neurologist. We are the wave of the future for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of neurological disorders and pain syndromes.

An Alternative to Surgery

We have more than 10 years of experience helping men and women overcome their pain and the physical conditions that cause it with neurological disorder treatments. Your nervous system is seminal in helping you experience everything wonderful that life has to offer. Let us protect it together.

Contact us today to start a discussion with a board-certified neurologist about your experiences with pain. We proudly serve patients in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding communities within a 50-mile radius.