Advanced Interventional Pain Treatments in St. Augustine, FL

Develop a unique plan for therapy that provides you with the relief you deserve with our advanced interventional pain treatments in St. Augustine, FL. Traditional interventional pain treatments are successful in most cases, but many patients need additional treatment that gets to the root of the issue. Our practice is equipped with the specialists and the technology necessary for innovative therapy.

Our interventional treatments are designed to provide the patient with a level of relief that doesn’t involve invasive procedures or medications. After a full diagnostic and a comprehensive array of testing, our physician will recommend a program of treatment that includes the use of radio frequencies and spinal therapy.

We identify the area of the body that is the source of your pain, and then we recommend a particular procedure that is tailored specifically to your needs. Our full suite of treatment options is available to qualified patients that have exhausted other avenues. We are ready to discuss all of the advantages and potential risks associated with each procedure to ensure you are comfortable with your plan for treatment.

Transformative Radiofrequency Treatments

Patients that have exhausted traditional approaches, including physical therapy, have come to rely on this treatment. A specialist delivers radio waves to generate heat through a series of carefully positioned needles. Radiofrequency Neurotomy has shown promise with patients suffering from spinal pain and peripheral nerve pain. The radio waves target the nerves in the area of pain to alter and block signals that cause the pain.

We recommend this approach for patients with specific forms of spine or nerve pain. Schedule a comprehensive examination to learn more about your eligibility for this process. Our team will utilize imaging scans to evaluate your pain and to ensure that the needles delivering the waves are positioned for optimal pain relief. Pain relief, then, can lead to improved functioning and quality of life.

Innovative Intradiscal Therapies*

When all else has failed, visit our clinic and talk to a physician about Intradiscal Therapies. We understand that many of our patients are seeking a type of therapy that does not include invasive surgery or excessive amounts of medication. Our team offers a series of advanced treatments that deliver signals and medicine directly to the source of your pain.

Through the application of a heated needle to the spinal disc, small tears in the tissue are sealed. We recommend this approach when all other therapy options have come up short. The nerve causing your chronic back pain is eliminated by the heated needle. We apply a sedative or a local anesthetic and follow the progress of the procedure through fluoroscopy.

Life-Changing Neuromodulation

Patients who may have severe, unrelenting Spinal Pain, Nerve Pain or even Chronic Headaches can be treated through this leading-edge approach to therapy. In fact, Spinal Cord Stimulation is the standard-of-care and a life-altering treatment for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, otherwise known as Post-Laminectomy Pain Syndrome. This means that even if you have pain persisting beyond surgery, there are innovative treatment options available.

Targeted Vertebral Augmentation

Another advanced, minimally-invasive procedure to treat painful spine fractures is Kyphoplasty, an approach utilizing bone cement. A vertebral fracture causes spine instability and flattening of the affected vertebral body. Under fluoroscopic guidance, the injection of a specialized form of bone cement to the flattened vertebral body is made possible by using a balloon device that creates a cavity where the cement is injected. This immediately restores vertebral body height, which provides enhanced stabilization and often immediate pain relief.