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Follow the latest news and events about McGreevy NeuroHealth in St. Augustine, FL. We are rapidly growing and excited to announce the opening of an additional location in Palm Coast. The contact information is:

57 Town Court, Suite 123
Palm Coast, FL, 32164
Office Phone: (904) 230 - 3006
Fax: (877) 638 - 8891

We feel this will better accommodate our patients by providing more convenient options to receive advanced neurological healthcare. Stay tuned for more status updates on this website.

Welcome to McGreevy NeuroHealth, founded in 2015. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive patient care in the fields of Neurology and Pain Medicine. Both specialties require a broad knowledge base and the ability to combine the science and art of medicine for the benefit of the patient. While many Neurology and Pain Practices are independent of one another, McGreevy NeuroHealth truly integrates the best of each specialty and creates a larger concept known as NeuroHealth. NeuroHealth expands all that modern-day Neurology has to offer to involve neighboring fields of pain medicine, vascular medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, psychological medicine, mental health, physical medicine, and general preventive health. We firmly believe that treating the whole patient leads to better outcomes, better functioning, and better quality of life.

McGreevy NeuroHealth is exploding with greater and greater potential every day. We are looking for an open-minded, well-trained, academically, and clinically-oriented, multi-specialty boarded Neurologist to help fulfill our mission. We hold a culture of self-improvement at every level and expect the same from all our providers. Be an integral part of fostering the NeuroHealth concept for the benefit of patients suffering from neurological disease and pain disorders.

Dr. Kai McGreevy: Spotlight Article

During COVID-19, Dr. McGreevy has not only been able to sustain the practice, promptly transition the practice to deliver patient care through virtual Telehealth visits, and master telemedicine technology, but he has also spent the remainder of his time furthering his education and skillset.

Dr. McGreevy is the medical director of the Vascular Laboratory at McGreevy NeuroHealth. He holds the Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) certification that only a few neurologists in the country can claim. This is the same credential obtained by other specialists, including cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and radiologists who perform and interpret vascular ultrasound testing. This vascular imaging designation ensures the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the highest standard of patient care and safety. It also establishes Dr. McGreevy's expertise in interpreting vascular disorders using ultrasound of the intracranial, carotid, aortic, and extremity blood vessels. This allows Dr. McGreevy to accurately detect stroke risk, blocked arteries, dissections, aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, and venous insufficiency.

Dr. McGreevy also earned the subspecialty certification in Neurosonology by the American Society of Neuroimaging in March 2020. The certificate ensures excellence in Applied Principles of Physics and Fluid Dynamics for Vascular Ultrasound Testing, Carotid Duplex, and Transcranial Doppler. This further cements his ability to care for patients with cerebrovascular disease, transient ischemic attacks, and stroke.

Dr. McGreevy is currently working on certifications in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Headache Medicine, and Brain Injury Medicine. "To be the complete Physician, one must be complete with his training, and constantly push the boundaries to improve himself, because that is the only way to improve the health of his patients."

Stay tuned for more action. #Nodaysoff #MNHStrong

2018 Accomplishments and Completed Projects Include:

  1. Joint Commission Accreditation
  2. Accredited Moderate-Complexity Laboratory
  3. Vascular Diagnostics Laboratory
  4. EEG Laboratory
  1. Video EEG Monitoring
  2. Vein Treatment Program
  3. Vision Diagnostics Program
  4. NFL Concussion Settlement Program

The Future? Stay Tuned. 

Joint Commission Accreditation

The Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization's commitment to meeting certain performance standards. The overall purpose is to optimize the quality and safety of healthcare for every patient. These high standards are aligned with those expected for Hospital organizations. Joint Commission accreditation for McGreevy NeuroHealth is purely voluntary on our behalf to better improve the way we take care of our patients.

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